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[Solved] PXE Boot from Windows Distribution Service (WDS) on Windows 2019

WDS is a convenient means of installing Microsoft operating systems to computers attached to your LAN. It’s particularly useful now that virtual machines are ubiquitous, so that a single physical machine can host multiple virtual machines via Hyper-V. That said, I encountered plenty of frustration as I climbed the learning curve of setting up WDS… Read More »

FIxing Win10 Taskbar Context for Putty

I recently upgraded Putty on my Windows 10 machine to the latest 64 bit version. After doing so, I was disconcerted to discover that I could no longer right-click its taskbar icon to  see a list of sites I had connected to previously. This was reminiscent of when I first installed Win10 and had the… Read More »

Sneaky IE10 Default Change

[Rant] It’s no secret that Microsoft has been aggressively pushing Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) on their Windows 7 customers, for example by changing the Importance rating in Windows Update from the usual “Recommended” to “Important”. It’s a little beyond me why all the other Internet Explorer version upgrades were “Recommended”, but suddenly IE10 is “Important” losartan potassium… Read More »