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Caveat Emptor – Update

The gory details of our experience with the Laguna Niguel orthodontist who closed up shop can be found elsewhere see page. If you’re curious, check out, a site dedicated to helping the victims of this unscrupulous individual recover their monetary losses.  

Caveat Emptor

You know how, when you read books or articles about personal finance, it always seems like they’re Chicken Little and the sky is falling? Do this, don’t do that, check out references, withhold final payment until the work is complete, and all that? It’s good advice. We learned that to our sorrow last January when… Read More »

Post Christmas

The presents have been unwrapped, the gifts put away, Christmas Eve and Sunday church services attended. Now it’s that magic week between Christmas and New Year’s with not so much craziness – and time to reflect. I’m in Houston visiting my mom. Dad passed away almost two years ago, and it’s the first time we’ve… Read More »