Monthly Archives: November 2020

[Solved] PXE Boot from Windows Distribution Service (WDS) on Windows 2019

WDS is a convenient means of installing Microsoft operating systems to computers attached to your LAN. It’s particularly useful now that virtual machines are ubiquitous, so that a single physical machine can host multiple virtual machines via Hyper-V. That said, I encountered plenty of frustration as I climbed the learning curve of setting up WDS… Read More »

Quick Tip: rsync –exclude-from syntax

The rsync –exclude-from option specifies a file that contains exclude patterns (one per line). It is very picky about the way the pathname is entered. It appears to be a path relative to the current directory. The only option that worked was “–exclude-from=./filename“. A full path from the root directory didn’t work, nor did a… Read More »

Quick Tip: DNS and resolved configuration with OpenVPN

After climbing the steep learning curve to get OpenVPN to work on Ubuntu (as a client), I ended up with a VPN that worked but still had issues with DNS name resolution. What finally worked for me was to use the distribution defaults for everything, but install libnss-resolve and openvpn-systemd-resolved packages. This worked for a… Read More »