Antenna Patterns at NX6T

By | December 30, 2013

I recently used N6BV’s HFTA antenna and terrain modeling software to analyze the antenna setup at NX6T, in particular to assess the benefit of replacing both antennas on the 40′ tower (a 2 element 40M yagi and a 3 element SteppIR) with a single KT-36XA, with 5 elements of 15 and 20, and 6 on 10.

The terrain surrounding the NX6T site is shown below, with 1 mile range rings.

Range rings are 1 mile

Terrain at NX6T

In the analysis below, the antenna at 70′ is a 3 element SteppIR, to model the antenna at the top of the high tower find out here. At the other heights, the antenna is a KT-36XA, with elements as noted above.

[Note: to interact with the figure below, you need to download the Wolfram Computable Document Format plugin. It’s a safe plugin from a reputable source. I did have some difficulty with the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE 11), and there’s a fix for that here.]

[WolframCDF source=”” width=”1200″ height=”500″ altimage=”” altimagewidth=”654″ altimageheight=”361″]

2 thoughts on “Antenna Patterns at NX6T

  1. Felipe Ceglia - PY1NB

    Hi, Nice graphing you made!

    How did you generate the cdf file?

    I made a tool to export elevation data from google maps, but it isnt yet ready.

    73 de PY1NB

    1. Jeff Davis Post author

      Hi Felipe,

      To make the CDF file, I used Mathematica by Wolfram. I’d be happy to share the actual source file with you if you’re really interested.

      Good luck with your Google Maps project!

      73, Jeff N0DY


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