Sneaky IE10 Default Change

By | May 19, 2013

[Rant] It’s no secret that Microsoft has been aggressively pushing Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) on their Windows 7 customers, for example by changing the Importance rating in Windows Update from the usual “Recommended” to “Important”. It’s a little beyond me why all the other Internet Explorer version upgrades were “Recommended”, but suddenly IE10 is “Important” losartan potassium 25mg. What makes it so special?

Apparently, this isn’t enough control for Microsoft. With the installation of IE10, a new, tiny little checkbox has appeared on – of all places – the IE10 About page. What does the check box do? It authorizes the installation of new IE versions automatically. Since this is new, intrusive behavior, one would expect to see the checkbox defaulted to “Off”. Not so. It seems that actually asking up front whether they want a new version of IE runs the risk that people might actually say “no”. Having a tiny checkbox hidden away on an obscure page does away with this risk to Microsoft’s IE marketing plans.

This is just plain sneaky. No one ever looks at their About page. Why hide it there instead of on the Internet Option dialog? And why make the default be to install new versions automatically?

This kind of thing is not just annoying. It’s dirty rotten sneaky. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. They should be ashamed of themselves. [/Rant]

One thought on “Sneaky IE10 Default Change

  1. Tim

    No wonder, Chrome, Firefox, etc. had this feature ON a long ago. 😉


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