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By | April 4, 2013

It’s been over two years since I initially posted about all the <a title="Fun With DD-WRT" href="https://www losartan potassium 50 mg.n0dy.com/2011/01/fun-with-dd-wrt/”>fun I was having with DD-WRT and my Linksys WRT-600N wireless router. I thought it might be time to revisit the DD-WRT site and see if there have been any software updates since my last posting. The good news is that there was a very recent forum announcement (24 February 2013) in the Broadcom SoC based forum (That’s the chip the WRT-600N is based on). The bad news is that announcement says essentially that the build I mentioned two years ago is still the current best choice build.

My assessment of DD-WRT hasn’t changed, either. I’m still really happy with it. I just wish there was a more recent build, or that my WRT-600N was supported by their pay-for version. I’d happily pay the $20 or so if it was supported.

I’m also seeing that Newegg is offering several wireless routers that are supported by later versions of DD-WRT. Might just be worth giving it a try. If I do, more later.


3 thoughts on “DD-WRT Update

  1. Deann Langley

    The Cisco main interface (you can compare the DD-WRT interface with your own model aswell if you happen to use a different brand of router) gives the user limited data and limited power controls over the router. DD-WRT gives you more information in a sleeker, better interface, with a wide array of additional features. Can upgrading to a DD-WRT router speed up my Internet? Yes! When properly used, your DD-WRT has many advanced wireless settings that allow you to extend and boost your wireless signal. You may use your Flashed Router as a main access point and utilize advanced controls to boost the antenna strength; or you may use your Flashed Router as a secondary router, to increase the signal strength of your main router. What are the differences in the DD-WRT builds installed on each router? First of all I must add that the current offical build has alot of bugs, therefore the community developed various alternative versions that work perfectly fine. The wait is for DD-WRT to release a new stable build but to be honest, you can hardly notice the difference between community made and the original releases because they are all open source and build using the exact same code, while writing this Tutorial the current suggested build is 14929 but I always advice people to check DD-WRT Forum :: View topic – Firmware Recommendations – Still 14929 – 07/30/12 to see if it is still the recommended build!! Please note that WPA2-AES is currently the only wireless security type that works reliably with DD-wrt (this happens to be the best security anyway, I have tested WEB and AES-TKIP mixed aswell and they do work well in my case but I suggest sticking with WPA2-AES as new user). To make the rest of this look less scary i’d suggest checking the supported devices list ( Supported Devices – DD-WRT Wiki ) so you have some knowledge about your model already.

  2. deh

    True but DD-WRT is looking long in the tooth.

    For instance it is currently running a version of DNSMasq that is around 2.46 . This came out around Now 2008-9. The current version is 2.67. ISC-leasefile is no supported in DNSMasq and this means a rather major rewrite of DD-WRT needs to be done to stay current. There are also a number of bugs/problems that need to be addressed wireless being one of them.

    Having said all of that DD-WRT is still mostly useable but is looking old.

  3. Al

    I am using the Linksys WRT600N router also. What is the latest version of dd-wrt that you are using?

    I have been trying to access the the ftp link that you posted but having trouble logging on to the site. I used “anonymous” for the Login and my email address for the “password” I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Perhaps you could also send me a link to the version that you are using. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks a mil



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